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This is your link to Sarah's FREE LINE ART for Workshop Week. Three unique floral compositions for you to trace and use as you learn from Sarah's lesson in Workshop Week. Simply click the "Sign up" button above to receive your free artwork.


36+ FREE workshops, covering everything from lettering to watercolor painting to journaling to illustration and so many other unique things.

The lovely Becca of @thehappyevercrafter gathered her favorite teachers back in February, we all worked together to create unique classes just for you! Click below to learn about Workshop Week here:

Visit: WorkshopWeek to sign up for the full class series and learn all of the details.

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Course Testimonials

Sarah is a gem and makes watercoloring a pure joy! I have been following Sarah on Instagram and love her style and color palettes - so I also bought her book, which is packed with easy to follow information, techniques and lessons. My friend and I recently attended one of her online Zoom classes, and it felt so comfortable - as if we were right there with her, painting in her studio with her! We absolutely loved it and have already signed up for more. Sarah is a natural teacher, easy to follow and understand, and accessible for questions - which made the class fun and successful. I loved learning how to paint her beautiful palette of colors! The florals we painted in using her techniques turned out so beautifully due to her well-developed, methodical and expert teaching abilities. Receiving all of the necessary materials ahead of time was awesome, and got me excited for class. I appreciate her level of organization and thoroughness to detail. It's so thoughtful! Thank you Sarah, keep the classes coming!
Susan, Susan Keating Paintings

Flower Painting Club Freebie

Get a taste of the fun of TheMintGardener's Flower Painting Club with a free water-color template perfect for tracing.
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