favorite tools

drawing erasers

Sarah's favorite eraser is the Prismacolor ArtGum, but this three-pack is fun and allows you to experiment to find your favorite as well! Purchase here.


Princeton 5-pack

This value pack of Watercolor Round brushes has every size that Sarah uses daily to create her paintings. Purchase here.

specialty brush

This is the Grumbacher Round 5, which Sarah considers to be one of her favorites. Purchase Here.


Sakura koi blenders

Sarah uses these handy blenders to remove any paint splatters that can happen with watercolor. Purchase here.

artist brushes set

This beautiful variety pack provides an introduction to all of the Watercolor Brush shapes that are available. Purchase here.

Light Board

This is the light board Sarah uses whenever she is transferring a design onto watercolor paper. Purchase here.


Art Scanner

This is the scanner Sarah uses to digitize her artwork for prints, at 4,800 dpi. Purchase here.

paint set

This is Sarah's recommended paint set for your first collection. The 24 colors included give you plenty of blending possibilities. And yes - it includes Payne's Grey! Purchase here.

Watercolor Paper

This pad of  30 pages of 140 lb cold-press Watercolor Paper is a fantastic value and quality. Purchase here.


Gold 8x10 Frame

This is a go-to frame for Sarah when she wants to showcase her 8x10 print work. She orders "Rose Gold" and it looks like this! Purchase here.


Payne's Grey Paint

Sarah's favorite color and pigment to blend and paint with. Purchase here.


How to Draw Modern Florals

This is an excellent resource to have on hand! Learn to draw any modern floral (even cacti!) in Alli's simple step-by-step drawing book. Purchase here.

Book: The war of art

Purchase here.


Pencil Pack

This is a great pencil pack. Sarah primarily uses an HB for her art, but the others are wonderful to have on hand for sketching and other work. Purchase here.


Oxide of Chromium

Sarah's favorite green watercolor to work with. She uses this as a base to almost all of her green blends. Purchase here.


book: walking on water

Purchase here.


Favorite Instagram Prop:

A light diffuser! Portable Photography Studio Multi Photo Disc Collapsible Light Reflector - for those bright sunny days you need a photo! Purchase here.

Micron Pens

These are Sarah's favorite pens! She uses them her fine line work, and primarily uses the sizes: 005, 01 and 02. Purchase here.


Ceramic Palette

This is a smaller palette, but the angled wells allow for water to move, and still retain the true thick pigment of the watercolor. Purchase here.


Painting Palette

This is a wonderful palette with plenty of open space for mixing, and lots of individuals wells to keep your paints clean. Purchase here.