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Meet Sarah Simon,
Watercolor Artist

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In this course, Sarah Simon teaches five projects on drawing and watercolor foundations.

A Watercolor Whale: come celebrate all of the beauty of our ‘PNW Unicorn’ in all the lovely tones of Payne’s Gray blue!

Sarah's new book, Watercolor Workbook is available to order now! Get more amazing watercolor sketches on incredible paper, created by Sarah Simon, TheMintGardener.

In this video, Sarah of @themintgardener demonstrates how YOU can create artwork that combines both floral line drawings and watercolour paint! Best part?

Candid portrait of Sarah Simon

Meet Sarah, TheMintGardener

Sarah Simon is the Designer, Artist Illustrator and Author at TheMintGardener. Finding inspiration in the ever-blooming variety of textures and colors in her urban garden, Sarah creates and teaches lush Watercolors inspired by the diverse variety of herbs, flowers, and trees grown in her yard. With a continually blooming following of botanical and art lovers alike, Sarah shares her teaching talents virtually online and in Seattle, Washington, of the USA, where she regularly instructs Watercolor Classes to students of all skill levels. To read more about Sarah and her work, visit her About page here.

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A taste of learning to paint with Sarah

Flower Painting Club Freebie

Get a taste of the fun of TheMintGardener's Flower Painting Club with a free water-color template perfect for tracing.
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