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Flower Painting Club

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Would you just like to spend your creative moments painting, rather than having to sit down and come up with the inspiration of a well-composed floral piece?

Sarah has created this community for friends who would enjoy the freedom and mindfulness of painting, without having to worry about creating the lines.

What you get as a member of the Flower Painting Club

A new and original design every month, every line hand drawn by Sarah, TheMintGardener

Every month - a new design, voted on by YOU. As a members of the Flower Painting Club, you get first dibs on picking the main Flower “focal point” for the month.

This new botanical design will be released and delivered to your inbox on the 1st of every month.

Each piece will be designed with the goal of having you paint or color it in.

Every month - a new video with instructions, teaching you how to paint your new piece. Color recipes, and step by step instruction.

Every month - Sarah will also paint alongside you! Join the top tier 'Team Mint,' and join Sarah for a live tutorial painting whatever the group would like! It's a small community where everyone gets a voice to share, ask questions, encourage and GROW!

As a Flower Club Member, you will enter into a community of other painters and artists around the globe. Learn from their color palette choices, their insight and join a group of new friends who loves flowers and painting as much as you do.

Flower Painting Club Freebie

Get a taste of the fun of TheMintGardener's Flower Painting Club with a free water-color template perfect for tracing.
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