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Books by Sarah Simon, TheMintGardener

Artist and author Sarah Simon, @themintgardener, has taught thousands of people how to watercolor. Her fun and simple approach will have you painting your own pieces in no time. Not only is Sarah's gorgeous presentation throughout her books works of art themselves, she has made watercolor painting accessible for creatives of all skill levels.

She is a natural teacher, and her book’s stunning imagery paired with thorough and extensive directions will bring you back again and again. Her books are a must-have staple for both beginners, hobbyists, and professional creatives.

Where to Buy

Watercolor Workbook

Build your watercolor skills with confidence with these 25 beautiful and beginner-friendly new projects on premium watercolor paper!

This easy-to-use watercolor workbook is filled with unique and beautiful flower and nature sketches that are ready for you to watercolor–no drawing skills required! Each page is specially designed with simple step-by-step instructions so you can easily and confidently paint each project and create artwork that matches the quality of the author’s example.

Watercolor Workbook features:
   An introduction to fundamental watercolor techniques
   Easy-to-follow instructions, including suggested paint and paintbrush materials, so you can start painting today
   Projects presented on thick, premium watercolor art paper – no color bleed-through
   Flower art including poppies, wild roses, sunflowers, buttercups, dandelions, and more

Artist and author Sarah Simon, a.k.a. @themintgardener, has taught thousands of people how to paint with watercolor. Her first book Modern Watercolor Botanicals provides everything you need to know about the art of watercolor and, now in this new workbook, Simon offers 25 watercolor projects that you can sit down and enjoy painting today!


Sarah’s fun and simple approach will have you painting with watercolors in no time. I love how easy she makes it: the book is filled with premium paper so you can start painting right on the pages!

Ashley Kelley, Creator of the Watercolor Summit™

Sarah Simon is an expert watercolor teacher! This workbook is an excellent tool for beginners who appreciate beautiful artwork and want to build confidence in their painting skills. I also love the fact that the projects in this book already come printed on cold-press watercolor paper. That makes this book a serious value and means you can sit down and start painting today.

Alli Koch, bestselling author, artist, and muralist

Modern Watercolor Botanicals

Modern Watercolor Botanicals: A Creative Workshop in Watercolor, Gouache, & Ink explores the wonderful world of watercolor and introduces the modern incorporation of gouache and ink into your artistic repertoire for hours of creative engagement and enjoyment.

Each botanically-based lesson offers instruction at three different skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Learn to paint eucalyptus wreaths, shape olive branches, detail wildflowers, tint fine-lined blooms, shade tropical leaves, and more!

Lessons in Modern Watercolor Botanicals include:

  • Instruction for three different skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced
  • Easy-to-understand diagrams, pictures, and instructions
  • Each lesson builds upon skills learned in the previous lessons
  • Over 100 pieces of traceable artwork, no drawing experience required
  • An innovative approach to composition and color theory, with practical application
  • Lessons that promote focus and mindfulness as you create to reduce the stress of daily life and enhance enjoyment of the artistic process
  • All you need to know to create frame-worthy masterpieces and thoughtful gifts
  • Prompts, challenges and ideas to take your creativity to the next level

Sarah’s extensive teaching experience shines in each page of Modern Watercolor Botanicals, with advice to answer the questions common to watercolor artists at all levels:

  • What tools do I need?
  • How do I mix interesting colors?
  • How do I create shape, movement, and definition in my piece?
  • How do I find my own creative style?

Delve into Modern Watercolor Botanicals to develop your skills and form your own unique artistic approach in the world of modern watercolors!


First of all, Sarah's gorgeous presentation throughout this book stands on its own and is a work of art in itself. Like.. you know that excited feeling of seeing something that screams eye candy and it almost punches you in the stomach? That’s how I feel when I look through this book. Now that that's out of the way... If you're thinking about experimenting with watercolor and/or gouache, look no further. Sarah's stunning imagery paired with thorough and extensive direction will bring you back again and again. It's a must-have staple for both beginners, hobbyists, and professional creatives.

– Peggy Dean of @thepigeonletters

LOVE THIS BOOK! It provides beautifully thorough instructions on how to paint watercolor florals with skills that can be applied to other, non floral subjects. It is awesome to see the steps Sarah uses to create beautiful flowers. I especially love that there are traceable pieces with perforated pages for those of us not as confident in our drawing skills but who still want to paint pretty things. An extra bonus are the “why art” pages. They’re like mini self care lessons mixed in with art! I can’t wait to read each and every word.

– Sarah Smith, Amazon Review | 5 Stars

Approachable, practical, and beautiful. A unique watercolor book!! Preordered this as soon as it was announced! If you’re looking into getting into watercolor this is THE book for you. This book was made with pure soul and it shows. It’s beautifully crafted and curated and the knowledge it contains is far worth more than I spent on this book. I love the organization and in depth detail that went into every page. The techniques are structured clearly and well organized. I’m so excited to learn and grow in skill with this book! If you’re on the fence just buy it. This would also make a beautiful gift to anyone looking into getting into watercolor, it’s great for all skill levels. I would highly recommend.

– AnnaPanda, Amazon Review | 5 Stars

Great watercolour book! This is a fantastic book. I’ve learnt so much. I’ve been using watercolour, self taught for a couple of years and got a number of books on the subject. This is the best of all of them. I’ve had a number of problems when using watercolours which this book has helped me to over come. The techniques in this book are in effect a foundation in watercolours. Perfect for beginners or like me self taught. She even describes how to prime your brush, never mentioned in other books. Simplistic yes, but it changed the way I paint. I’ve had many aha moments with this book.
Also it is so beautiful to look at and the spiral binding means you don’t struggle with keeping a page open. Thank you to the author for a wonderful book.

– M. Hands, Amazon Review | 5 Stars

The Plant Lady

The Plant Lady: A Floral Coloring Book with Succulents and Flowers.

Slow down and let your imagination take root as you explore a new world of flowers and gardens and bring them to life with color!

Artist Sarah Simon, of @themintgardener, weaves a beautiful floral theme through the pages using her favorite illustrated character, Florence the "Plant Lady." Follow along as the Plant Lady guides you on a creative journey to savor the sweet moments of nature. Wander from scenes of a book nook filled with plants to a hiking trail in the Pacific Northwest and explore gardens filled with everything from sunflowers to artichokes. If you love flowers, plants, and pausing to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the natural world, then you'll enjoy getting creative with The Plant Lady!

The Plant Lady features:
Over 80 illustrated pages featuring beautiful blooms, bouquets, plants, leaves, and more
Images printed on thick, premium quality paper--ideal for all kinds of coloring tools
Perforated, removable pages--frame your art after you've finished coloring!
A beautiful cover that will look perfect on your bookshelf or coffee table


This book is a magical inky world full of stunning illustrations for you to color any way your imagination leads you. From kitties to puppies, and every floral in between, Florence The Plant Lady takes you on an adventure of pure, dreamy inspiration. I truly can't decide if I would rather jump into the cozy porch illustration or the warm greenhouse illustration, but either way, I know I will be visiting this book often. Do yourself a favor, (even if you aren't into coloring), order this book and when it arrives, brew yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee, snuggle into your favorite chair and dive into these truly beautiful and inspired pages. You will not be disappointed. – CynthiaK, Amazon Review 5 Stars · The best and most beautiful adult coloring book!!! I love this book so much it gives me so much to do and inspires me to be creative and artistic! I love the plants and designs that I get to draw. I 110% recommend this amazing adult coloring book it’s my favorite one I have ever had!!!

- Jewelia Hunt, Amazon Review | 5 Stars

The book is full of LUSH flora line drawing illustrations, perfect for coloring or watercoloring. All you need to do, if you are following Sarah on Instagram, is to trace the drawing of your choice onto a piece of watercolor paper, and start painting it with watercolor. Sarah's website also contain tons of helpful suggestions and her color palette to create your OWN paintings. A MUST HAVE for all who love floral line drawing and watercolor. Fun book full of flowers, plants, pets and plant lady!

– mLemonandFigs, Amazon Review | 5 Stars

Flower Painting Club Freebie

Get a taste of the fun of TheMintGardener's Flower Painting Club with a free water-color template perfect for tracing.
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