Watercolor in Seattle: A Creative Way Retreat Fall 2023


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This art workshop will be for anyone on their creative path who is eager to learn more; beginners as well as the more advanced are absolutely welcome. It's for those longing to do something beautiful in a wonderful location with a lovely sense of community.

During our dedicated days of art, you can expect lots of time to play with top-of-the-line materials: paints, pens, pencils, brushes, paper (all of my favorites!) which of course you get to bring home with you. There will also be opportunity for one-on-one teaching time, as well as fun ‘sketch-crawls’ around the area to some beautiful and inspiring favorite places like the University of Washington and Volunteer Park Conservatory.  

The evenings will bring an exciting line-up of special guests: local chefs, famous bakers, cocktail shakers and cookie makers (oh my!) of the Pacific Northwest. These incredibly talented local Creatives are so excited and eager to add their wonderful Seattle flavor to our fancy celebration evenings, as a satisfying cap to our art-filled days.

Take a look around at the website to get excited about the kind of trip you and a girlfriend maybe never even knew you needed. Or maybe you've always wanted to do this and were just waiting for the right moment. Perhaps you’d like to bookend your trip with time to explore a bit more of the Pacific Northwest, as we timed this workshop to really take advantage of the best weather in Seattle.  We want to make this workshop a unique reflection of the group that is attending, so we are enjoying building our curriculum and excursions to cater to our lovely group.

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Course Testimonials

Sarah is a gem and makes watercoloring a pure joy! I have been following Sarah on Instagram and love her style and color palettes - so I also bought her book, which is packed with easy to follow information, techniques and lessons. My friend and I recently attended one of her online Zoom classes, and it felt so comfortable - as if we were right there with her, painting in her studio with her! We absolutely loved it and have already signed up for more. Sarah is a natural teacher, easy to follow and understand, and accessible for questions - which made the class fun and successful. I loved learning how to paint her beautiful palette of colors! The florals we painted in using her techniques turned out so beautifully due to her well-developed, methodical and expert teaching abilities. Receiving all of the necessary materials ahead of time was awesome, and got me excited for class. I appreciate her level of organization and thoroughness to detail. It's so thoughtful! Thank you Sarah, keep the classes coming!
Susan, Susan Keating Paintings

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